Absolutely Over The Top

Let's face it, most headphones for young kids aren't that great. But fear not, we've got something that will make your child's listening experience fun and engaging! Introducing our brand new set of headphones, specifically designed with kids in mind. Each headphone features a CRAZY CREATURE with a unique personality, from a bubbly unicorn to a scaly dragon and everything in between. Say goodbye to boring headphones and hello to a world of imaginative listening!

For The Parents

Our headphones are the coolest thing your kids will ever wear! They'll love them so much, you might have trouble getting them to take them off. That's why we've included a parent-friendly remote control with each set. With just a press of a button, you can easily turn off the headphones, giving your little ones a break from their jamming sessions. We've got you covered, parents!

Available soon!