Things we do:

Product Design

Lighting fixtures, consumer electronics, accessories and furnishings. From custom one-off's to 100,000+ units.

Prototypes and Concepts

We work with your idea and work through it's design and feasibility using modern prototyping technologies.


Specifiers and Project Owners,

We make your “juice worth the squeeze”.

BrandKnew vets the validity of the newest technology against “marketing voo-doo”. Making sure you get what you purchase and you see the results to support the spend.


Do you find yourself asking, “How does all this cool new stuff that everyone is talking about fit into my brand?”

BrandKnew offers product lifecycle management, product development spanning various advanced technologies, and unique tools that convert complex technologies into easy-to-understand bites.

and Everyone Else,

Express what you have in mind by calling or emailing us.

BrandKnew will be brutally honest on whether we can help you or not.

when we ideate

We planned a combination of architectural lighting, entertainment lighting, and video projectors.
Video walls, window lights, projections and control.
Worked with DarkHorse LightWorks on rendering their concepts for a library in Los Angles.
Archives are collections of previous works. These are drawings and sketches of all sorts of things.
Designed and manufactured an LED up-light signage system.
Archives are collections of previous works. These are drawings and sketches of all sorts of things.
An iconic building in Miami, Vizcayne Towers came to us to ideate and assist in the development of illuminating the upper section of their twin towers.
Designed lit gondola system for Lighting Elysium and Sleep by Number.

when we create

Video walls, window lights, projections and control.
Industry Kitchen, Wid Chapman, and Merchants Hospitality came to us to develop and manufacture a custom, rotatable "french fry" fixture.
Kaneka came to us to conceptualize, prototype, and present a modular LED panel light.
Spent an hour every day for 30 days making a movie poster from random internet images.
Built a real time product compatibility engine with an instant save-as-PDF feature.
Conceptualized and manufactured the entry chandelier fixture for 85 Broad St. in NYC.
We owned the brand FlexAray, a subsidiary of 0energylighting. It was a US run LED Manufacturer.

in the works

Like all systems that require constant maintenance, system efficiency for both the technician and the client is the goal of this tool.
Helping young learners and educators speak more fluently.