Securing investments by realizing product ideas and project intent. work with us

Realizing Products:

Offering product development services from concept through delivery.

A dedicated team of Visionaries, Industrial Designers and Engineers can participate at any level of the process.

Our For Service and Equity-based Fee Structures offer options to every level of investor and inventor. Services can include;

  • Concept development.

  • Market analysis and product positioning.

  • Engineering services.

  • Product lifecycle management.

  • Proto-typing and validation.

  • Out-sourcing.

  • Quality assurance and compliance programs.

Realizing Projects:

Having developed our own definition of “integration”, we believe that illumination drives the intent.

With performance and aesthetics as our guide we can assure the successful creation of custom chandeliers, iconic elements, control systems and virtually any designed environment.

With fixed fee project scopes or hourly agreements, we vet the validity of using the latest technologies against marketing “voo-doo” ensuring you get the look and functionality intended and what you paid for. Services can include;

  • Concept development.

  • Engineering services.

  • Proto-typing and validation.

  • Out-sourcing for 1-off’s or 10,000 pieces

  • On-site construction administration.

  • Quality assurance and compliance programs

.design projects:


Designed and manufactured an LED up-light signage system.

Cruise Ship Lighting

In this partnership with MRD and Elemental LED, we developed a custom aluminum extrusion and linear LED assembly.


Designed a custom Go-bo projector that fits into a downlight can

Industry Kitchen

Industry Kitchen, Wid Chapman, and Merchants Hospitality came to us to develop and manufacture a custom, rotatable “french fry” fixture.

Vizcayne Towers

An iconic building in Miami, Vizcayne Towers came to us to ideate and assist in the development of illuminating the upper section of their twin towers.

Limitless Light

A solution to achieve an endless illumination look, by combining multiple powered run lengths together in an an aluminum extrusion.

Saturn Light

A fully customizable and controllable LED fixture for outdoors or indoors.

Size Selector Concept

A small device to save waste and confusion at your favorite retailer.

Blimp Project

We were brought in to test the feasibility of an illuminated blimp.

85 Broad St.

Conceptualized and manufactured the entry chandelier fixture for 85 Broad St. in NYC.

Library Concept Design

Worked with DarkHorse LightWorks on rendering their concepts for a library in Los Angles.

Sleep by Number

Designed lit gondola system for Lighting Elysium and Sleep by Number.

Movie Poster a Day

Spent an hour every day for 30 days making a movie poster from random internet images.

NYPD Station

Video walls, window lights, projections and control.

Pendant Light

Archives are collections of previous works. These are drawings and sketches of all sorts of things.

Natural Fixtures

Archives are collections of previous works. These are drawings and sketches of all sorts of things., .design


We owned the brand FlexAray, a subsidiary of 0energylighting. It was a US run LED Manufacturer.

70 Vestry St. NYC

We were tasked with solving many illumination issues at this beautiful establishment

We can’t be experts in everything – so here is our comfort-zone list of technologies:

  • Consumer experience driven products

  • IoT devices

  • IoT infrastructure security

  • LED’s

  • Linear Lighting (tape light if you will)

  • Luxury brand decor products

  • PU based Lighting

Specifiers and Project Owners: We make the “juice worth the squeeze”. Manufacturers: Do you find yourself asking, “How does all this cool new stuff that everyone is talking about fit into my brand?”