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Sales Strategy:

Specializing in two areas: luxury-class and cutting edge (first to market) brands.

We are passionate about driving sales growth through leveraging our long-term relationships within the industry.

Our base plus commission structure affords all brands the opportunity to have best-in-class sales leadership. Some of the things we offer are;

  • Engaging our relationships with industry leadership working in specification, representation, distribution and installation.

  • Providing foundational support needed to become a major brand in your market.

  • Assisting in planned product release(s).

  • Guiding the some-times murky water of the relationship (political) portion of sales strategy.

  • Providing introductions and product presentations throughout the USA.

Technology Based Tools:

Our team of programmers work to support revenue growth by developing web and app-based tools that simplify the complexities of specifying products.

These tools create a more efficient, streamlined process and save time for anyone specifying, crossing or value-engineering projects.

As a SaaS model, our tools truly perform as technical support while navigating the “how to’s” of putting a system together. So things we have done in the past are;

  • Product cross tools. A simple generator for; “if this” part from Brand A “then this” from Brand B.

  • Dynamic data sheets. Strip down the over-whelming number of part number iterations by allowing a user to interactively pick and specify just the parts they need.

  • Website support. From creation, improvement to maximization.

.agency projects:

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Developed a user-less login system…, .design


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