BrandKnew, Inc. : setting a higher standard for integrating new technology, advancing the language of their BRAND and changing what one thinks they KNEW.

Co-founder, David LaVigna, has focused in the architectural lighting space including domestic and international design, project integration, and manufacturing. Spanning 27 years, he has gained experiences from the front lines: when rock and roll went from par-cans and masses of dimming racks to automated fixtures and consoles, when fiber optic was introduced as a potential game changer, when LEDs came into their own as an illumination source, and having led the transition of tape light into a flexible and viable linear light source.

Adding to that foundation is a new generation of insight from co-founder, Vincent LaVigna, who brings five years of professional experience in filmmaking, graphic design, and coding.  He has shown his expertise far exceeding his tenure by having been a leading force in the development of one of the first Dynamic Tear Sheet generators and the introduction of VR 360 as a marketing tool.

With the rapid advancement of IoT, HCL and Wellness technologies, and how they integrate into lighting products and projects, BrandKnew stands ready to deliver the next level of service to both manufacturers and project owners. Combining forces was a natural progression for this Father/Son team when they both found themselves seeking their next great adventure.

BrandKnew’s goal was to start with illuminated products for the architectural industry and pivot into other markets. However, since January 2019, the company has already tripled in size, expanding through adding David’s daughter, Brittney Sanderlin, and her husband, Ryan Sanderlin, as consultants as well as internal staff which now includes Systems Engineers, Software Engineers, and Industrial Designers.

BrandKnew offers services to simplify the complexities. The company is currently constructing products in areas that include educational development devices (with voice recognition interfaces), water treatment tools to make servicing equipment more straight forward (with custom hardware and AR that supports the service technicians), as well as products that have illumination at the core with some cool bells and whistles.

BrandKnew, Inc. : helping your BRAND become KNEW!