Product Development – (k)new Products

From napkin sketch to store shelf – we turn your concepts into reality

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Product Development
  • Functional Proto-typing
  • License Representation
Video walls, window lights, projections…


Designed a custom Go-bo projector…


Business Development – (k)new Growth

From napkin sketch to store shelf – we can bring your concepts to reality.

Vision v Traction

  • Definition Test (evident in every aspect)

Product Lifecycle Management Triage

  • Historical Review
  • Brand Vision
  • Brand Definition
  • Future Proof

Sales Strategy Triage

  • Historical Review
  • Sales Trends (tell us the story)
  • Future Proof
  • Path to Market
  • E Commerce (ease of access and availability)
  • Modern Marketing (Insta, FB, YouTube, Twitter, web3.0)

Process Triage

  • One MUST have or build a repeatable, sustainable and scalable process.
  • Leadership should be ON the business not IN the business.
  • Software construction and deployment.

Change Management

  • Sometimes the People, Products and Services that got you to today are not the Team for the future, at least not as is.
  • Right People, Right Seats